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Mirror 03 - 41x35 cm

Mirror small 03

So we’re really enjoying putting together these shell mirrors, we spent weeks locked down, once free it was down the dog friendly beaches and get some fresh shells..

At 16″ x 13.5″ this is one of two matching sized frames.

All the designs are unique, but Mirror03 and Mirror04 do go together as a pair. 

We ask €45 for this piece. Or if bought along with Mirror 04 €80 for the pair. 

Viewing is available in Frigiliana. 

This is a mirror, numbered 03 it goes with 04 as a pair of grames the same size. To see it it’s easiest from our index (click here)

For other information, viewing, pricing, or custom design please email us using the form below.. 

mirror 03
mirror 03 on beach

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