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A 3,000 inhabitant, picturesque mountainside village west of Malaga, Andalucia.

 We just deliver better..  

Apartments, Village Houses or Countryside Villas

Helping you find your perfect holiday home..

(stuart & champ)


We’ve been living in the village and providing holiday solutions for clients, since 2001.
Business Number: 29511AAG15
NIF/NIE/CIF: X4736324A

Having moved to frigiliana in 2001, we started initially renting one neighbour’s apartment just helping them, mostly seeing in their own clients but being available for any problems, they may have had.

After a short time, another neighbour asked us to rent their apartment, then another and before too long we had our first web site (rough as it was) advertising the 5 apartments in frigiliana, all neighbouring our own.

The business just grew from there. Now, 16 years later, it’s a different animal, we no longer have the apartments we started with, our inventory is always changing. Key issue for us – we will not rent rubbish. We refuse to work with anything we don’t consider acceptable. We’ve tried it in the past, but clients don’t return, we’re left deflated, the only person that wins is the greedy owner who now can only advertise on AB&B or Bookings etc.

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